Some good reasons to try us out:

  • We are real gamers: in whatever little spare time we have, we actually play games. This means that we are invested in your product and we want it to succeed.
  • We listen very carefully. Each customer is an entirely different planet in terms of priorities and needs, so the first step for us is always carefully assessing the situation and asking a lot of questions.
  • We offer customized solutions. Whenever possible, we let our customers choose between different plans, rather than sell an off-the-rack approach. It’s a bit of an overused comparison, but let’s say we like to think of ourselves as bespoke tailors, rather than mass market retailers.
  • We have an adaptive configuration: each one of us can cover different roles, such as PM, translator, reviewer or team lead, depending on the specific needs of each project. Flexibility is our mantra.
  • Whenever possible, our PMs work as linguists on their projects; this means they will have a direct understanding of the product and the issues the translators are facing. We believe this makes them particularly effective as team leads.
  • We still consider ourselves craftsmen: this means that, while we are definitely quality-oriented, we don’t forget time/budget restraints and we like to maintain a strong “human factor”: you will have one PoC rather than several changing constantly, and that person will hopefully build a relationship with you over time.
  • We are in it for the long run. We aim at building lasting collaborations and become travel companions for our customers.
  • We have a solid experience in 1st party compliance and we can support you with console specific naming conventions.
  • We are transparent: if we answer “Yes, of course we can do it!”, we are ready to explain how we think we can do it. We will never hide potential risks or problems we see in a given approach.